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CBN NEWS REPORT - Jan 6, 2002:


"The Call" in Kansas City: A Marriage Covenant with Jesus.

By Wendy Griffith CBN News Reporter.


Some 20,000 mostly young people packed the Kansas City Convention Center on New Year's Eve for a wedding ceremony unlike any other... as each person who came embarked on a marriage covenant with the Bridegroom of Heaven... From noon until midnight they danced and sang, fasted and prayed, and got ready to get married to Jesus.


"There's going to be a wedding and God is raising up friends of the Bridegroom to prepare the church, there's going to be a wedding!"


One by one, thousands of men and women, young and old, made their vows and walked under the prayer shawl symbolizing their commitment to Jesus.


[A COMMENTATOR NOTES: The huppah is in fact an integral part of a binding WEDDING CEREMONY between man and woman; therefore what these young people were doing was getting married - but to whom? The Bible tells us that the marriage of the Lamb takes place "in heaven" and only at the Day of Redemption when all believers are gathered in. It does not take place on earth as a "preparation" for the Lord's coming].


Continuing the CBN Report...

"Stewart Greaves, a 30-year-old, said, "I really feel like the Lord is calling young people to fall madly in love with Him. I've always felt that the difference between religion and relationship is intimacy with Jesus..."


Here in Kansas City, there has already been a tremendous focus on the bridal love of Jesus... where for three and a half years, a team of prophetic singers, intercessors and others have held 24-hour-a-day praise and worship focusing on Jesus as the bridegroom.  [-END of REPORT].


FROM a BOOK that is Required Reading at the School of this Kansas City prayer center:


"He [God] has given Himself to both the exhilirations and the woundings of a lovesick heart. When He gazes upon me, He sees through the eyes of love and desire. He comes before me and says, 'I am a Man in love. I am a God that burns with desire, and I have set My affections on you. I am an all-consuming fire of love, and you are the inheritance that My Father has promised me. Will you receive My love?'"  (Pg 57).


"O Gaze Eternal,

How penetrating are Your Fires

Rushing through my darkest places

With the burning streams of Desire

Leaving me naked, purged and bare

... Yet embraced...

You take hold of my weakest places

And kiss them with Your mercy

Lifting up my low grounds

With your mighty love so holy..."  (Pg 52).


"She lifted her arms wide to the Lord and said with all of her strength and her love, 'Enjoy me. Right here, right now, in my absolute weakness, enjoy me.'"  (Pg 84).


NOTE:  The above book goes on and on in a similar vein for 200 pages. We remind you again that this is an officially recommended publication at this Kansas City prayer center, with a Foreword by the LEADER of the movement himself. It is "Required Reading" for the young people at their ministry School.


When they talk about a Bridal "Paradigm" - what do they mean?

Well, a 'paradigm' is a new mindset or "world-view". These people are now viewing Jesus and Christianity through an entirely new set of lenses - so to speak. -Through this 'BRIDAL' Paradigm. For many, that is now their dominant understanding of Jesus Christ.






"D--" writes:

I ran into this a few weeks ago at our home fellowship. A woman whom I see to be very Spirit filled, was talking to us at the dinner table about being taken into the "upper chambers" where Jesus laid her down on a bed of roses (because He is the Rose of Sharon He can do that, she said), and that He made love to her. She described to me this whole scene as if it were out of a romance novel. The thought of Jesus actually making love to me made me sick... I was actually disheartened, grieved and shocked that she was talking about this. What gets me is that her friends who were with her all agreed as if this was sound biblical doctrine.


"J----" writes:

I just went to a ladies retreat two weeks ago and the theme was this same "lover Jesus" as portrayed in a book they used called, "With an Everlasting Love" by Kay Arthur.  It was so Godless and selfish and full of "eros", putting thoughts and feelings in whoever reads it that certainly did not bring glory to God... I now have the opportunity to confront the pastor's wife about this teaching that literally every woman fell for (except me!) and was "wooed" by their sensuality as women and the need for love, that they sucked it right up.


"R---" writes:

I moved here to KC 2 years ago to attend [the Prayer Center]...   

I have been so confused by the whole up-sweep of the "Bridal Paradigm" and ravished heart of Jesus and Song of Solomon. 

I cannot relate to Jesus as romantic lover, nor do I want to!! I am trying to have clean thoughts and a pure heart.  I want a Godly husband to be that for me, to model Christ's love and headship. 

All my friends tell me, "Jesus is your husband - let Him be your first love and your provider".  As if I should shun men and give up on the idea of marriage.


"L---" writes:

There is a strange message behind this Bridal Paradigm - It was shown at the CALL in Kansas City. I was there. I witinessed this.

There was a call to all those young people who were in attendance at this KC gathering and a few older - to pledge a marriage covenant right then that night to be MARRIED to Christ.


There was a Marriage Canopy held up for a marriage procession as hundreds marched under it as to become covenantly married to Christ. They made it seem so righteous and holy.  So many threw away their discernment and followed the leaders - forgetting that the marriage actually takes place in heaven at the marriage supper of the Lamb.



Just what Jesus needs, more bad PR.





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